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Signature Flooring design consultation lets homeowners partner with interior design experts to plan their remodeling projects

Our professional design consultation provides you with a great start for the perfect interior design within an affordable budget.

Combining hardwood flooring, carpet, countertops, tile and paint into a cohesive design scheme can be an overwhelming task for anyone, let alone an inexperienced person, without design consultation help. Most homeowners are not design experts. Signature Flooring provides homeowners in the greater Kansas City area with a comprehensive design consultation service, so that you may adapt some of our design suggestions to your individual style preferences. Our service is both effective and affordable, providing you with an excellent plan for your interior design within your available budget.

Easy designs can benefit from design consultations

Even a simple design requires choosing the right products that fit your lifestyle needs, along with complementary colors for your walls and accessories, while still being affordable can prove to be one major headache if you don’t know how or where to begin. Fortunately, our design consultants have many years of experience in planning designs for home interiors. You can receive the advice you need and rely upon the fact that you will have a beautiful home when all is said and done. When you work with the Signature Flooring design team, you will get:

  • Customized help and recommendations – You can always expect your results to reflect your distinct individual personality. You will find the things that truly inspire you and have our design expert incorporate your ideas into a single cohesive, finished look. We always consider your budget, lifestyle, and your preferences before we make our suggestions.

  • Honest advice from start to completion – We understand that you may have to work on a limited budget. You will never have to worry about one product being suggested over another so that we can make a bigger profit. Your satisfaction with our services and the high recommendation we hope that you give to other people, are far more important to us.

  • Easy contact for services – You can reach us for customer support easily by text or e-mail. Of course, you can always call.

  • Introducing you to new products and ideas – One big advantage of having a professional design consultation is having access to products you might otherwise be unaware of. You’ll learn more about new types of flooring; interesting solutions to household problems; money-saving ideas and more. If you’ve been looking through catalogs and doing some limited browsing on the Internet, you’ll be glad to know that there is an expert there to guide you to what you truly need. Having direction helps a lot in the confusing business of home remodeling, but when you have a guide; it can be so much easier.

When your project is finished, you will have the home of your dreams without the stress that many homeowners faced as they labored to put it all together by themselves. With so many experts at your disposal, home remodeling has never been easier or more affordable. Signature Flooring gladly provides products and services to residents in Merriam, Kansas City, Leawood, Liberty, Overland Park, Johnson County and other nearby Kansas Metro communities.

If you are a homeowner in the greater Kansas City area who needs help redesigning any of the areas of your home, contact Signature Flooring. Call, text, e-mail us or stop in at our showroom in Lenexa, KS to discuss your design consultation.



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