What's to gain from cork flooring?

Cork flooring is a fantastic product that offers plenty of great benefits. It comes from the bark of the cork oak tree and often contains waste materials from other cork products. In addition, the material has been used as a floor covering for many years.

This resource is sustainable and renewable, with plenty of other benefits. If you've never considered these materials, now is a great time to learn more. Consider these options as you think about your upcoming remodel.

The durability of cork floor tiles in your home

Cork floor tiles tolerate heavy traffic with millions of air pockets throughout the material. As a result, it can "bounce back" underneath traffic. The air pockets also create a softer, more comfortable step wherever it's installed.

It's a great choice in kitchens for many reasons. If you drop heavy pots or pans, the bounce-back factor inhibits damage.

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Beautiful visuals are a great benefit

With cork, you'll get a unique appearance, unlike many other products on the market. Cork flooring is beautiful, with interesting textures, shapes, formats, and more. Even the colors vary, with stain options that match any decor scheme you have in place.

Extended benefits make cork flooring worth your time

Cork is excellent noise suppression, even in your busiest spaces. It absorbs the sound of electronics, footfalls, voices, and more. If you have an active home, you'll most appreciate this benefit.

The floors are easy to clean and maintain without special tools or cleaners. You can add a few area rugs where traffic is heavy for added protection. Cork kitchen flooring is a perfect choice, with features that cater to your needs.

These materials are also natural pest repellent. It contains naturally occurring products that cause pests and vermin to stay away. And you'll also find these floors only ignite at extreme temperatures for safety.
Cork in Kansas City, MO from Signature Flooring Inc.

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