When you choose waterproof flooring, you'll find you can gain as much character as you want and need. Unfortunately, many homeowners believe character is only available in natural materials.

The good news is that these floors mimic all-natural materials. So, you'll get the same character from these materials as you would from the real thing.

Wood-look character
These floors mimic solid hardwood flooring, with beautiful species, color, and texture looks. That means the character you see in the real thing is replicated here.

Choose looks with rustic patterns, knots, and textures for a perfect personality level. You'll also find waterproof vinyl flooring that matches any decor you have.

Stone-look character
You'll see lots of character when you choose waterproof flooring that mimics natural stone. For example, consider the trending look of marble or a dozen other stone types.

Also, look for authentic imperfections, wear, weathering, and more. Don't forget that colors offer lots of characterization too.

Tile-look character
When you choose the tile visual, you'll find many options for any look you want. Colors, shapes, sizes, and formats are only a few of the customizations you can choose.

You can even choose waterproof laminate flooring layouts that can change the look more. When you're done, you'll have more character than you might have thought possible.

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